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Real Estate Coach.
Financial Phoenix.

Danisha Danielle is the principal of successful commercial real estate brokerage, Hoston & Associates, a licensed real-estate broker, & active investor. Her purpose is to share her journey from a single mother on WIC, to the owner of successful commercial real estate firm portfolio and assets, & provides a concrete example of, “If I can do it, anybody can."


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Danisha Danielle in the media:

Danisha shares her expertise and experience through many TV, Radio & Blog outlets including NBC, The Ricki Lake Show, Sirius Radio / Foxxhole Radio, & LA Talk Live.

Whenever you start thinking about your long-term wants rather than your short-term wants, you start making different decisions with your money

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Talk Takeway with Danisha Danielle

Danisha guest stars on CBS The Talk and shares top recommendations for budget savings and ‘busters’ as well as other tips to clean up your finances, and get your money in shape.

How to Save Money – Look at What You’re Spending

75% American households are in debt. Danisha shares insightful guidance to get real about your debt, control your spending and steps to reduce your debt from monthly expenses, loan modifications and more.

The Rich Life

Anita Rich and Danisha share their similarities in growing their life, mindset and business. They cover everything from being a single mother, being fearless and making your way in the world by overcoming obstacles.



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